Description: Currently, non-communicable diseases are sweeping the entire globe. There is an increasing trend in developing countries, where the demographic and socio-economic transition imposes more constraints on dealing with the double burden of infectious and non-infectious diseases in a poor environment, characterized by ill-health systems. Among non-communicable diseases, special attention is devoted to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and chronic pulmonary diseases. The burden of these conditions affects countries worldwide but with a growing trend in developing countries. Preventative strategies must take into account the component of improved access to health information. The presenters in this sub-theme should aim at giving a global view of the main diseases and their impact on populations living in low-and middle-income nations, and the contribution of information access and strategies such as vaccination programmes for polio and some childhood diseases, other diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and dengue.

Papers may focus on:

  • Health promotion messages to communities by both medical librarians and health workers
  • Finding information on clinical effectiveness
  • Communicating the threat of an emerging outbreak to the public

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